Professional & Managed Services

Professional Services

Strategic Consulting

Is your business well placed to keep pace with the fast evolving world of today? Are you planning for growth or divestment? Can your technology team deliver transformation aligned to your business strategies? We have the experts who can help drive your success.

Business & Technology Audits

"Don't know what you Don't know?" Our Audit offerings can tell you if/how your current investments will cope in the future.

Workplace Technology

Workplace dIgital transformation, contact centre solutions , CRM integration Regulatory compliance and bespoke tactical tool develpments.

Project Delivery

Take advantage of our multi skilled project delivery consultants, whether you work in a traditional waterfall project mindset, an agile mindset or more likely a hybrid project mindset we have the experienced project resources to help drive your success. Our flexibility allows us to deliver services from as little as a day and include

Change Management

In todays world change is everywhere. From cultural change awareness to traditional change management we can help your business through painless transition and at the same time deliver a flexible, forward thinking workforce to drive your business to the next level. Our flexibility allows us to delivery services from as little as a day's commitment.

Managed Services

Virtual CIO

Can't afford a fulltime CIO? We can offer experienced C level Execs as a "pay as you go service" to help define or drive your strategies.

Managed Support

Providing services from Managed Helpdesks, Desktop Support and more, we offer a range of Managed Services to help your business keep costs low but still deliver great outcomes to your customers

vCare for Voice

Whether you purchased your Telephony Solution elsewhere, from us, or manage it yourself. vCare for Voice is an extended managed support agreement that sits on top of your current telephony solution that offers greater support SLAs, extended guarantees, and better outcomes.

Cyber Security

Your Team Educated

Your employees are the last line of defence. Therefore education, knowledge testing, and an active involvement of employees in your cyber defence strategy are essential components. Cyber Security Defence has the tools to continually train your staff in cyber awareness techniques.

Vulnerability Assessments

A Cyber Security Defence expert conducts vulnerability analysis of your network scans to prioritise threats identified. From this, an action plan is created with steps to remediate vulnerabilities in closing gaps in your network’s security.

Penetration Testing

The goal of a penetration test is to validate the vulnerabilities identified during the scanning phase and investigate any other avenues of penetration through reconnaissance and exploitation. Security misconfiguration can happen at any level of an application stack, and these are the targets of modern hackers.

Social Engineering Exercises

Cybercriminals will use any means to steal information or befriend or impersonate your staff. Cyber Security Defence has simulation tools and exercises to assess and train your employees on the techniques and methods used by those wanting to steal or get access to your corporate information.

Defence Assessments

Our Ethical Hacking hoods attack your business using all the same tools and techniques as Cybercriminals. From this assessment we provide recommendations on defending and monitoring unlawful or harmful activity such as Identifying any of your information being sold on the Dark Web.

Disaster Recovery Assessments

Cyber criminals attack the disaster recovery point so the business cannot restore or recover from the attack. Businesses need to continually review disaster recovery best practices as these change as they become vulnerable the same way applications and vendor hardware become vulnerable.